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Sportingbet is one of the most frequently chosen sports betting services. Because most of its visitors come from different parts of the world, it has been set to offer top-class global service to meet their requirements. Most of the users of this service are real sport enthusiasts, treating sport as their life-long passion.

Sportingbet’s team is that it is capable of understanding and dealing with clients from 26 countries they operate in. The service handles around 79 million bets each year and serves over 700,000 active sports fans. Clients may use an excellent Sportsbook that offers 8,000 different betting options every day. Although football is the most popular sport, there is also many bets in tennis and basketball.

What is more, Sportingbet offers so-called in:play, which provides customers with live betting opportunities. They are able to make bets on who will get next free-kick, goal kick or card. In addition, over 8,500 events can be watched by thousands of clients via live streaming. The range of events is wide and varies from football and basketball to snooker, darts or horseracing and much more. The service is also proud of extremely popular Paradise Poker and over 300 casino games.